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Become a
LOS Member

There are three different types of membership
Physician Annual Membership
Non-Physician Annual Membership
Trainee Annual Membership

Join Us in Our Mission

The Louisiana Obesity Society was created to support providers treating obesity through education, networking, and advocacy for coverage for comprehensive obesity care. Join us in our mission!

There is no registration fee to attend the Louisiana Obesity Conference. A benefit of being a member of LOS. 

Membership Benefits



We advocate for policies that support comprehensive obesity care and increase access to evidence-based treatments with a specific focus on coverage for anti-obesity medications.



We facilitate networking opportunities for healthcare providers to connect, share knowledge, and collaborate on patient care.


Educational Resources

We provide resources for education and training to healthcare providers on evidence-based treatments for obesity and related diseases.



We support and identify research opportunites on obesity and related diseases to advance the field and improve patient outcomes.

Membership Types

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Physician Membership $100/year

all specialties


Non-Physician Membership $50/year

behavioral health specialists, scientists, dietitians, advanced practice providers, nurses, exercise physiologists and physical therapists, pharmacists, technicians, clinic coordinators and managers


Trainee Membership Free

No Fee


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